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❧ Poet ☙

Exquisite wine and tea blends for the ultimate pairing experience.

Each bottle is conceived to enfold you delicate and rhythmically into the cultural heritage of Japan, England and India. Inspired by the craft of poets, we blend wines and teas to achieve the most exquisite and unique wines. Poet’s blends are the result of a research to find ways to take your tastebuds to the next level. In addition, our wines have a greater amount of hues, aromas and flavours aimed at enriching the drinking experience.

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❧ Teas ☙

The best from all over the world

We blend the most exquisite varieties of teas and wines from all over the world. Through their special notes, every glass of Poet lets you experience a different culture, thanks to a detailed investigation that allowed us to find the perfect and most representative tea variety of each culture:

❈ English Earl Grey was named after Count Grey. If there is something that has accompanied this tea since its making is the distinction, elegance and greatness of English lords. Centuries of History with a touch of citrus.

❈ Japanese Sencha tea will become the perfect partner to discover the essence of the Japanese culture. Its refined flavor and the pale green colour of its leaves are the product of the ancient plant variety Camellia Sinensis. Japan, at last, inside your wine glass.

❈ Indian chai masala tea evokes the lively and mystic halo that surrounds Indian culture. The origin of the tea remains unknown. Considered by the native inhabitants as a medicinal beverage, Masala Chai’s intensity and aroma will make you discover one of the most ancient cultures of the world.

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❧ Grapes ☙

Finest grape selection

If Earth had a heart, wine would flow directly from it. Our blends are created with a fine selection of grapes that embolden the teas’ flavour, instead of veiling it.

Sonnet combines Earl Grey tea with grenache wine, Haiku is the product of blending sencha tea with chardonnay wine, and Ghazal mixes Chai masala tea with merlot grapes

These blends are aimed at the most refined palates and for people willing to enjoy an exquisite pairing experience.

Natural exquisiteness

All of the ingredients are natural. Our wine and tea blends do not contain any artificial ingredients, colours nor flavourings. Everything has been grown, harvested, raised and processed in an ecological manner.

We created Poet with the aim of rescuing the world from boring and uninspiring food. Food should be like poetry. Thus, our wines are intended to envelop the senses in a truly epicurean experience.


❧ Inspiration ☙

An ode to poetry

Just like poets craft their verses, we seek the perfect tone, a balanced rhythm and a deep story when crafting our products. Our wine and tea blends are inspired by the most emblematic and beautiful poetry from each country.

Sonets  ❈  Haiku (俳句)  ❈  Ghazal (غزل)

To summarize each bottle’s core and make it easier for the customer to choose the perfect blend, we have divided them into three different categories. Their name, as well as their notes, are inspired by the delicate craft of poets. Poetry, rhythm and cultural meaning bottled in three types:

English sonnets, also called Shakespearean sonets, are complex structures arised from the greatest authors’ influence. These Great Britain inspired wine and tea blends fulfill the needs of the most demanding tea drinkers; perfect to drink mulled at 6 O’Clock

Haiku Japanese poetry is composed by brief poems based on emotion and surprise; they are inspired by nature contemplation and its homonymous wine, is the perfect choice for very demanding customers looking a subtle flavour and quality ingredients such as chardonnay grapes.

Ghazal Indian poetry, developed during the VII century, reflects on the beauty of the most contradictory feelings. With India as its cultural inspiration, Ghazal wine is suitable for customers looking for a tastier and more intense drink.

pairing tea with wine

❧ Pairings ☙

Pairs beautifully with…

In our online store you will find many wine and tea blends, such as; Sencha tea with chardonnay wine, Earl Grey tea with Grenache wine and Chai masala tea with Merlot grapes.

Fish pair best with Haiku –green tea with white wine–, while Sonnet –black tea with red wine– is a better match for meats. On the other hand, Ghazal –Indian red tea with merlot grapes– would be the perfect pairing for spicy food.

About serving temperature, Sonnet and Ghazal in particular will be the best choices for drinking a cozy mulled glass of winetea. Haiku could also be enjoyed mulled, but our suggestion is to drink it cold, below 15ºC.