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Great selection, quick delivery and reasonable price. Everything for our customers to enjoy at our online store. We place great importance on customer service. We also recommend the best pairings for each wine and tea blends and wines in general. More than two years of experience gives us the assurance that we will find the right wine for you. Winetea.uk, exquisite wine and tea blends.

Why chose wine with tea?

Our wine and tea blends are arguably the most exquisite choice when it comes to enjoying a glass of wine. People spend most of the day consuming fast food with little or no flavour. They often forget the joy of tasting something meaningfully exquisite and end up eating with no purpose other than feeding themselves. The consumption of exquisite wine and tea blends drastically reduces these types of problems. In our online store you will find many wine and tea blends, such as; Sencha tea with chardonnay wine, Earl Grey tea with Grenache wine and Chai masala tea with Merlot grapes. Fear not and trust the experts.

In WineTea.uk we help you making the best choice in wine and tea

To make it easier for the customer to choose the perfect blend we have divided them into three different categories. We have Japan-inspired wine and tea blends, special for very demanding customers looking a subtle flavour and quality ingredients such as chardonnay grapes, great for pairing with sushi and fish. Next, we have India-inspired wine and tea blends, suitable for customers looking for a tastier and more intense drink to pair with different types of spicy food. Last but not least, the Great Britain inspired wine and tea blends, that fulfil the needs of the most demanding tea drinkers; perfect to drink mulled at 6 O’Clock.

Wine and tea: exquisite blends

You can also start taking care of your good taste. At Poet™ we have researched ways to achieve optimum palatine joy. In addition, this type of wines have a greater amount of hues, aromas and flavours aimed at enriching the drinking experience. The blend adapts to the user and not the other way around. Exquisite Wine & Tea blends are a winning bet to take care of your palate in the best way possible, avoiding boredom and anodynia. Poet™ is a proven expert in wine and tea blends. Your wine and tea blend expert offers you several blends of wines for your ultimate pairing experience. At WineTea.uk you can find several models of wines with sencha tea, earl grey tea, chai masala tea, green tea, red tea and black teas, with merlot grapes, chardonnay grapes and grenache grapes. In WineTea.uk we have more than two years of experience in providing you with the best service you deserve. We believe that tea and wine blends are the most important drink in relation to the health of your palate.

What kind of wine and tea blends can you find at WineTea.uk?

At WineTea.uk we offer wines with various tea blends, great aromas and amazing tastes. Discover them – it’s time for you to take care of your palate.

One of the great advantages of having a wide range, from subtle green teas to rich black tea blends, is to be able to find the type that best suits your needs. The kind of grape is a key aspect in the process of choosing, just like the teas, whether you are looking for complex wines or simpler ones. Trust our advice when choosing a blend – its much easier than it seems.

The 3 most important elements to keep in mind when choosing your blend are:

  1. The occasion: When you give it as a gift, keep in mind the person’s preference in wines and teas, as well as that person’s love for different cultures. Usually, the best choice is an assortment of the most popular blends. If you are bringing the wine to a dinner party, don’t forget to ask about the menu. Fish pair best with Haiku (green tea with white wine), while Sonnet (black tea with red wine) is a better match for meats – Ghazal (Indian red tea with merlot grapes) would be the perfect pairing for spicy food.
  2. The pairing: As aforementioned, each blend will be best suited to a specific kind of food. However, when drinking Poet™ wine and tea blends on their own, feel free to make your own choice as you build the habit of savouring the exquisiteness.
  3. The temperature: Sonnet and Ghazal in particular will be the best choices for drinking a cozy mulled glass –or cup– of winetea. Haiku could also be enjoyed mulled, but our suggestion is to drink it cold, below 15ºC.

Great selection, quick delivery and reasonable price. Everything for our customers to enjoy at our online store. We always provide a professional answer to any queries, questions or doubts that may arise. We also recommend the right choice for each client, wine and tea. Our more than two years of experience gives us the assurance that we will find the right wine and tea blend for you. WineTea.uk, your expert in wine and tea blends.

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Wine and tea blends

A blend of the most exquisite varieties of teas and wines, mixed together to envelop the senses in a truly epicurean experience. Indian chai masala tea with merlot grapes. Japanese sencha tea with tempranillo grapes. And English earl grey tea with grenache.


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